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You’ll learn the easiest method to sell digital products. Even a 14-year-old kid can successfully implement the new strategy and make more than 1 lakh/month on automation.

  • 14th October 2023
  • 8 PM IST
  • 90 Minutes Long

Founder and CEO of Adymize and Learnmize. Learnmize is an Edtech company where he trained more than 35,000+ students. He is also a Tedx and Josh Talk speaker.


What is digital product Business?

A digital product can be any product that has no physical existence and can be shared through the web like courses, Ebooks, SAAS, Templates, Graphics Bundle, etc.

Should you start a Digital Product business?

Digital product business is an easy to start online business with huge profit margins and it is the best alternative for dropshipping or eCommerce because you don’t need to buy products every time you sell, there is no cost of shipment or warehouse.

After setup, it can run on complete automation and it can be your passive source of income while you can focus on your other business as well.

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    Easy to start
  • 5fdda55316213729cd5c3a8b_check.svg
    Complete Automation
  • 5fdda55316213729cd5c3a8b_check.svg
    No RTO
  • 5fdda55316213729cd5c3a8b_check.svg
    No Shipment cost
  • 5fdda55316213729cd5c3a8b_check.svg
    Very High Profit
  • 5fdda55316213729cd5c3a8b_check.svg
    Highly Scalable
  • 5fdda55316213729cd5c3a8b_check.svg
    Earn dollars in automation
  • 5fdda55316213729cd5c3a8b_check.svg
    Anyone can start

Meet Your Trainer Aryan Tripathi

Aryan Tripathi started Adymize in 2020 from his small apartment in Bhopal. In less than 2 years Adymize came up as India’s best performance marketing agency working with different national brands like MBA Chaiwala, Generic Aadhaar,Conker World, Namhya foods, AstroArun, and many more.

Apart from Adymize, he is also found Learnmize an Edtech company where he trained more than 35,000+ students to become successful marketers as an entrepreneur or job seekers.

He is also a Tedx and Josh Talk speaker and has been covered by the top media agencies of India as one of the youngest and most influential entrepreneurs.

What You’ll Learn in this Course?

  • Understanding the Demand of Market
  • Experts copywriting techniques for the product
  • Secret strategies for different types of Products
  • Updated method to setup Facebook ads from scratch
  • Secret method to find Interests that works for you
  • Latest strategy of Facebook Ads
  • Finding Indemand Digital Products (Latest strategies)
  • Designing Highly converting Landing page
  • Making converting Ads creative and copy
  • Revealing universal interests that works for every product
  • Scaling of Ads to generate to make higher profits
  • Dark secrets of Facebook Ads (Revealing all of them)

If you are any one of the following this program is for you


Digital Marketers




Agency owners


Small business owner


Is this a Live Program?

A digital product can be any product that has no physical existence and can be shared through the web like courses, eBooks, SAAS, Templates, Graphics Bundle, etc.

Will I become successful after this course?

Meaning of success differs for everyone but if you follow the exact same method we taught you can sell digital products successfully.

Can I ask my doubts?

Yes, you can ask your doubt at the end of the sessions or in the premium group we’ll be adding you in. (If required we can conduct a additional doubt session)

The workshop will continue for how many hours??

2 Hours

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